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Seven District doubles down on 
Rapid Images in Partnership with its Founder, Mikael Sundell

Seven District has doubled its ownership in Rapid Images by exchanging shares in in Rapid Images for shares in Seven District thereby making Mikael Sundell, the founder of Rapid Images, a significant shareholder in Seven District. Rapid Images is a leading digital product experience company specialising in online and e-commerce sales and marketing. In 2023, Rapid Images generated revenues amounting to SEK 137m with double-digit growth strong profitability.

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Seven District strengthens Board – Charlotte Brogren new Chair

Charlotte Brogren has been appointed as new Chair of the Board and Louise Kores as new Board member for the investment company Seven District. Charlotte Brogren has for over 20 years driven technology development, innovation and business development from several leading positions and board positions, while Louise Kores is Investment Manager at Patricia Industries, Investor AB's holding company for unlisted investments.

Airolit UAV
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The Swedish UAV company Airolit raises 9 MSEK to accelerate the rollout of new UAV platform

Intelligent Aerial AB with its subsidiary Airolit AB (collectively "Airolit"), a Mölndal-based company specialized in the development of advanced drones for security, defense, and research purposes, has conducted a rights issue of nine million SEK. Airolit has been supplying drones to defense- and other customers since 2019 and is currently working on the deployment of its second drone platform.

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Seven District acquires Rapid Images together with founder Mikael Sundell and private investors

Seven District has, together with founder Mikael Sundell and private investors, acquired Rapid Images AB (“Rapid Images”). Rapid Images is a leading digital product experience company specialising in online and e-commerce sales and marketing. In 2022, Rapid Images recorded revenues amounting to SEK 123M with strong profitability.

The 7Dx Platform
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Seven District establishes 7Dx, a new investment area for early-stage groundbreaking entrepreneurs

Seven District has established a new investment area, 7Dx, an acceleration focused platform for early-stage investments in companies and entrepreneurs with groundbreaking technologies and business models for a better society. Today we welcome three new companies to 7Dx; 24Duty, Klint and enrouteQ to 7Dx. Together with existing companies; Sightic, IRRIOT and Viospatia, these six companies and entrepreneurs make up the 7Dx platform.

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Seven District acquires Kvaser to build a global leader in machine-to-machine communication solutions

Seven District has made a significant investment in Kvaser, acquiring 80% of the company from its founders. Kvaser is an industry leading CAN expert that provides advanced solutions to engineers designing and deploying systems in vehicle and automation markets. In 2021, revenues amounted to SEK 150M with good profitability.