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Seven District invests in Devant to accelerate synthetic training and validation data in Machine Learning

Seven District has made a significant minority investment in Devant AB (“Devant”), a leading provider of human-centric synthetic training and validation data, used in a variety of industry segments to enhance Machine Learning performance.

Seven District has made a significant minority investment in Devant AB (“Devant”), a leading provider of human-centric synthetic training and validation data, used in a variety of industry segments to enhance Machine Learning performance. Established in 2021 and led by Richard Bremer, Devant has already positioned itself as delivering state-of-the-art quality images and animations, accelerating the development of camera-based Machine Learning systems. Devant currently employs more than 20 people and is headquartered in Norrköping, Sweden.

Devant has developed cutting-edge technology to generate large volumes of computer-generated synthetic training and validation data in a matter of days. Synthetic data has the potential to remove much of the slow and expensive real world data collection activities, which often dominate Machine Learning development efforts. Instead, computer generated data generated by Devant, increases the ease of access to the exact data required. In many cases, synthetic data also provides information that would otherwise be impossible to attain safely, or at all, by real-world recording means.

Devant recently announced its partnership with Seeing Machines, the global industry leader in camera-based driver monitoring systems (DMS), aiming to reducing the number of traffic accidents by using synthetic data to enhance detection of hazardous driver behaviours. The demand for accurate and reliable DMS-systems are gaining strong momentum due to the European Union’s mandate, which stipulates that all new cars in EU must be equipped with a DMS-system from 2026.

“Devant has in a very short timeframe developed a state-of the art technology, allowing for volumes of diversified high-quality synthetic data which drastically reduces development cycles and increases the quality of Machine Learning systems in life-critical environments such as in-cabin monitoring. By assembling a dedicated team of seasoned veterans, Devant and Richard has created a unique position, which Seven District is thrilled to be a part of. We look forward in joining Devant on its continued journey in this exciting space” says Niklas Ivarsson, Partner & Chairman of the board at Seven District and new board member at Devant.

Compared to the traditional way of training Machine Learning systems, which primarily relies on real photos and videos, Devant has the ability to create high-volume sets of unique synthetic, computer-rendered images and animation frames configured exactly to match the customer’s data needs. As Machine Learning algorithms have already found its way into many applications and industries, the need for Devant’s comprehensive synthetic data extends to other areas like Biometrics, Robotics, Surveillance and Video Analytics.

Niklas Ivarsson

Niklas Ivarsson

Founding Partner, Seven District
+46 733 77 83 04

Richard Bremer

Founder & CEO Devant
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About Devant

Devant provides high-quality synthetic data to support the training, validation and testing of Machine Learning networks. Offering unparalleled data customization, we deliver lifelike 3D simulations that enable Machine Learning developers to generate any real-life scenario. This empowers businesses to boost the performance of their computer vision applications, while also reducing bias and enabling new Machine Learning features and applications.

About Seven District

Seven District is an investment company that combines entrepreneurship with experience, knowledge, and capital to accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of companies. Seven District primarily invests in companies headquartered in Sweden, which are, or can become, market leading in a well-defined niche, from the early stages up to c. SEK 500M in turnover. The strategy is to provide a high degree of operational support, leveraging the extensive experience of Seven District’s founding team, as well as providing an international network and financial strength when partnering up with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The investment portfolio consists of companies that leverage technology to create a competitive advantage and strive to play an important role in positively impacting the development of society. Seven District’s portfolio currently consists of Kvaser, Rapid Images, Qamcom, ACRE, Ocean Collective, Devant, Easycom, Visiba Group, Sightic Analytics and Intelligent Aerial. The early stage accelerator 7Dx includes Viospatia, Incipientus, 24 Duty, Klint, Evam, enrouteQ and IRRIOT.