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Seven District joins Ocean Collective to accelerate businesses that promote preservation of oceans

Seven District has, together with Jörgen Bergqvist and Vilhelm Sundström, launched Ocean Collective AB (“Ocean Collective”), an industrial investment group with the purpose of advancing initiatives that promote the preservation of the world’s oceans.

Ocean Collective is an industrial investment group aspiring to be acknowledged as a global frontrunner in sustainable ocean solutions. The key initial focus area is sustainable ocean-based food (”Blue Food”) that can help solve many of the challenges identified by the UN. As part of establishing the Blue Food division, Ocean Collective has acquired Sweden’s leading brand and producer of smoked seafood, Korshags, and is today announcing its next step; a joint venture formed with Sweden’s leading seaweed company, Nordic SeaFarm.

“Ocean Collective addresses a very important area from a planetary perspective; our oceans. We believe that businesses have to play a bigger role in shaping a long-term sustainable future for the planet, and our oceans are vital in achieving this. The founding team that Ocean Collective has assembled comprises versatile backgrounds and we are confident they are on the right track combining conventional businesses with new technologies to create both a sustainable business and significant sustainable impact” says Anders Jacobson, Managing Partner and one of the founders of Seven District. 

Ocean Collective has set an ambitious agenda, aiming for Double Positive returns from its business; Impact (reduced climate impact and improved biodiversity) and Financial Return (above market ROI). Ocean Collective aims to combine the operational capabilities of an industrial company with the financial acumen of an investment platform by being thematic, solution-driven, having a collaborative and partnership-oriented culture and a unique ownership model. 

“Seven District is perfectly aligned with at Ocean Collective’s mission and therefore a terrific Founding Investor. Their long-term horizon and evergreen structure combined with the know-how that they have among their founders and extended network makes us excited to have them onboard”, says Jörgen Bergqvist, Group CEO and one of the founders of Ocean Collective.

Ocean Collective officially launches on June 8, the World Ocean Day, a day powered by the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council, which aims to unite and rally the world to protect and restore our blue planet. Ocean Collective has taken the initiative to host an annual event, the OC Day, which this year gathers speakers such as Fredrik Gröndahl from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, who is also director of blue food and sea adventurer Oskar Kihlborg, as well as representatives from Ocean Collective.

”The investment in Ocean Collective fits perfectly into Seven District’s strategy; to build a portfolio of compelling businesses that leverage technology and entrepreneurship to address next-decade challenges that positively impact society. We believe initiatives like Ocean Collective will be key to address the planetary challenges we all face”, Anders Jacobson concludes.

Anders Jacobsson

Anders Jacobson

CEO & Co-founder, Seven District
+46 702 02 99 09
Jörgen Bergqvist

Jörgen Bergqvist

Group CEO and one of the founders of Ocean Collective
+46 73 052 24 84

About Ocean Collective

Ocean Collective is a newly formed Swedish industrial investment group with the purpose to change people’s relationship with our environment and to accelerate new sustainable solutions. We are pragmatic visionaries and combine existing and new solutions through collaboration with others to achieve maximum positive impact. We believe that the development of new technology combined with reaching broad consumer acceptance will play a decisive role in achieving a more sustainable society.

About Seven District

Seven District is an investment company that combines entrepreneurship with experience, knowledge, and capital to accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of companies. Seven District primarily invests in companies headquartered in Sweden, which are, or can become, market leading in a well-defined niche, from the early stages up to c. SEK 500M in turnover. The strategy is to provide a high degree of operational support, leveraging the extensive experience of Seven District’s founding team, as well as providing an international network and financial strength when partnering up with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

The investment portfolio consists of companies that leverage technology to create a competitive advantage and strive to play an important role in positively impacting the development of society. Seven District’s portfolio currently consists of Kvaser, Qamcom, ACRE Ocean Collective, Rapid Images, Easycom, Visiba Group and Intelligent Aerial. The early-stage accelerator 7Dx includes Sightic Analytics, Viospatia, IRRIOT, 24 Duty, Klint, Evam and enrouteQ.