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Seven District strengthens Board – Charlotte Brogren new Chair

Charlotte Brogren has been appointed as new Chair of the Board and Louise Kores as new Board member for the investment company Seven District. Charlotte Brogren has for over 20 years driven technology development, innovation and business development from several leading positions and board positions, while Louise Kores is Investment Manager at Patricia Industries, Investor AB’s holding company for unlisted investments.

Sweden has a strong tradition of developing successful, innovative and technology-oriented companies at the international forefront. As part of its continued development, Seven District has recruited a new Chair and Board member with solid and complementary experience of innovation, business development and entrepreneurship.

Charlotte Brogren has previously served as Director General of the Swedish Innovation Agency VINNOVA and has also led ABB’s research and development activities. She is currently CTO of listed Alimak Group and Chair of the Board of HMS Network, part of the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Mid and Large Cap.

“Seven Districts’ vision to invest in technology-oriented companies that contribute to positive societal development is close to my heart. They have an impressive business history both as a company and within the team. I look forward to combining our areas of expertise and working to support Swedish entrepreneurs’ contribution to positive technology development in society at large”, says Charlotte Brogren.

“We have found a perfect combination of skills in Charlotte Brogren. Few people have such broad and in-depth knowledge from both private and public companies through all stages, from start-up to global leader. Charlotte will bring valuable experience to develop Seven District and support our portfolio companies in accelerating growth”, says Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Seven District.

Louise Kores experience range from a variety of businesses both public and private. She joined Investor in 2014 and initially worked with public companies before gradually shifting to the private side and Patricia Industries. She serves on the Board for Swedish biotech company Atlas Antibodies and has previously been responsible for holdings in e.g. Memira and Doktor24 where she also represented Patricia Industries on the Board.

“With her experience from Sweden’s most reputable investment environment, Louise Kores is a valuable addition to Seven District’s future journey. Her work with long-term ownership strategy and willingness to lead both technical and industrial development is fully in line with our investment philosophy”, says Anders Jacobson.

Charlotte Brogren succeeds current Chair of the Board Niklas Ivarsson, co-founder and partner of Seven District. Niklas will continue on the Board as a member and remain active in the daily operations. Charlotte Brogren and Louise Kores take office immediately.

Anders Jacobsson

Anders Jacobson

CEO & Co-founder, Seven District
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About Seven District

Seven District is an investment company that combines entrepreneurship with experience, knowledge and capital to accelerate growth and realize the full potential of companies. Seven District primarily invests in companies headquartered in Sweden that are or can become market leaders in a well-defined niche, ranging from early stages up to approximately SEK 500M in turnover. The investment portfolio consists of companies that utilize technology to create a competitive advantage and strive to play an important role in positively influencing the development of society. Seven District’s portfolio currently consists of Kvaser, Rapid Images, Qamcom, ACRE, Ocean Collective, Devant, Easycom, Visiba Group, Sightic Analytics and Intelligent Aerial as well as seven companies in the early stage accelerator portfolio 7Dx.