Incipientus Ultrasound Flow Technologies AB closes  SEK 15m funding

Incipientus’ touch-free, in line process monitoring systems provide continuous process information, flow visualization and monitoring of flow properties of industrial liquids in real time. The result is significantly improved quality and increased safety with production cost savings and environmental benefits for a sustainable global process industry as well as increased product and production insights. 

Incipientus has recently signed framework agreements with a number of global FMCG customers to supply its revolutionary in-line monitoring systems. The investment will enable Incipientus to accelerate the scale-up phase by focusing on the implementation of its proprietary technology within international key customers and to continue to build the pipeline and team to meet commercial milestones. 

Incipientus is on the verge of a major commercial breakthrough of its cutting-edge technology
Per Skoglund
Partner Seven District and Incipientus board member

“Incipientus is a very strong fit for our 7Dx strategy. The Company is on the verge of a major commercial breakthrough of its cutting-edge technology, which has the potential to transform how monitoring and quality control of liquids is performed across several verticals in the processing industry. We look forward to supporting Johan and his team as an active investor over the years to come” said Per Skoglund, Partner Seven District and Incipientus board member.

Johan Wiklund, founder and CEO of Incipientus, said: “This is a key moment in the development of our company and the funding round allows us to focus on accelerating the ramp-up of our business. We are very excited and fortunate to welcome Seven District, Butterfly Ventures, and Marinvest onboard as they all bring tremendous value. Together we now continue our growth journey to radically disrupt and digitalize the global process industry by delivering superior process monitoring solutions for sustainable production.”