Sightic Analytics in partnership with Ryde Technology

Sightic Analytics (f.k.a. Eyescanner Technology) today announced a commercial breakthrough when a partnership with Norwegian micro mobility company Ryde Technology was revealed. The partnership is a first step in Sightic’s aim to bring to market a new way of ascertaining a person’s capabilities through a fast and non-intrusive method for detection of safety issues related to drivers’ capacity to ride an e-scooter.

Ryde & Sightic Analytics

Sightic and Ryde will work together to bring to market Sightic’s research and AI based software for Ryde’s customers to promote safe and responsible use of e-scooters. Sightic’s software will be seamlessly integrated into Ryde’s app, where the e-scooter rider will go through a quick process scanning its eyes , whereafter Sightic’s algorithm will provide an immediate response, and if negative (i.e. the rider is not under the influence of alcohol) the e-scooter will be unlocked. Sightic’s and Ryde’s joint ambition with the partnership is to promote and enable safer rides and less e-scooter related accidents.

We believe Sightic’s technology will be a game changing innovation for a broad range of new applications – including the huge mobility sector. For the e-scooter segment, Sightic’s solution will dramatically reduce the risk of driver related collisions, injuries and fatalities as a result of drunk driving by providing driving ability data before a trip is started. The partnership with Ryde Technology represents a great milestone on this journey.